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Are you accepting gallery submissions?

I sure am! Please visit the gallery and fill out the gallery submissions form. I'm excited review your work!

Are you booking new clients?

Yes! Please look at my services page and reach out to me via the contact form below. I'm delighted to hear from you!

How do I get featured on Saturday Morning's Instagram?

Check out our Instagram Spotlight Submission form on our homepage or blog. Or you can also send me an email by filling out the contact form below.

How do I submit my product to be part of Saturday Morning's online shop?

Easy! Visit the shop and fill out the stock me submission form. I can't wait to see what you submit!

Can I pay you to write my cover letter or resume for me?

My goal is always to set up my clients for success so we can brainstorm together but your cover letter or resume needs to come from your own words. I want you prepared to tackle that interview!

How do I submit my question to be answered on the blog?

By filling out the ask me anything form on the blog or shooting me an email via the contact form below.

I'm looking forward to reading and answering your question!

Can you help me with a Squarespace question?

Definitely! Please look at my Squarespace tutorials for more information on how to book time with me.

Do you work with any website platforms other than Squarespace?

Not at this time.

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